Certified Environmental Compliance Manager™ Certification

The Certified Environmental Compliance Manager™ (CECM) credential is awarded to environmental professions who have gained expertise in their knowledge of U.S. environmental laws and regulations, and the practical application of these requirements to regulated activities.

CECMs can be entrusted to protect organizations, employees, the public, and the environment by helping to ensure processes, facilities, and organizations are operated in compliance with applicable Federal and state environmental requirements.

Environmental regulations in the United States are complex and expansive, with more pages of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) dedicated to environmental regulations than the federal tax code. With the additional challenge of more stringent state regulations, achieving and maintaining environmental regulatory compliance can be significant.

The CECM is the only certification program in the United States serving as a validation of environmental compliance expertise, rather than auditing capabilities or broad-based environmental management functions.

Organizations often assign responsibility for monitoring and applying environmental requirements to environmental staff, operational managers, or other departments. Assigned staff members generally acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully manage environmental compliance through on-the-job experience, self-study, colleagues, and periodic external training. Senior managers often find that evaluating the level of knowledge and environmental compliance management expertise held by their staff is difficult.

Environmental managers and professionals who gain the Certified Environmental Compliance Manager™ are granted permission to use the “CECM” acronym following their name, offering a recognized means of identifying themselves as having achieved expertise in the area of environmental compliance management.