About Aarcher Institute

A Leader in Environmental Compliance & Management Training

Aarcher has been a pioneer in environmental training for more than two decades, offering courses on compliance and management for environmental, health and safety (EHS) professionals. Inaugurated through Aarcher Consulting in 1997, our courses empower organizations and their employees to control and manage risk, ensure long-term compliance and meet performance goals.

In response to the changing regulatory environment at the turn of the millennium and the increasing demand for robust and modern curriculums, we founded the Aarcher Institute as a Maryland corporation in 2005, broadening the scope and depth of courses to meet the new landscape. Since then, Aarcher Institute has become the leading environmental and safety learning center with instructor-led courses offered in 10 cities nationwide as well as online.

The Aarcher Institute is the sole ISO 14001-certified environmental training organization in the United States and has trained more than 9,500 professionals. Holding a well-earned reputation for high-quality coursework, the Institute covers everything from federal and state laws and regulations to emerging trends and opportunities in the industry.

Committed to Advancing Knowledge and Careers of EHS Professionals

Our mission is to help EHS professionals succeed in their careers, following our mantra of “Training EHS Professionals for Success”™.

Our proprietary training materials, with an emphasis on concepts and context, provide a solid foundation for understanding detailed technical and regulatory information. Our experts are known for their ability to make complex information digestible, using real life examples and perspective gained from decades of experience working in actual facilities.

How will you benefit from Aarcher Institute courses?

  • You will become a stronger EHS professional. Your new skills or reinforced understanding will contribute to company compliance as well as your own personal career growth.
  • You will approach changing rules and conditions from a position of confidence and will be ready to tackle new career challenges. No matter what career path you are on, Aarcher Institute courses will benefit you – and those around you – for years to come.

We Understand the EHS Profession

The information and perspectives presented through Aarcher Institute courses are informed by the ongoing experience gained in providing EHS consulting to private and public organizations nationwide through Aarcher Consulting and by our EHS staffing and recruiting services offered by Aarcher Talent. Aarcher Institute instructors are selected based on their topical knowledge and current experience as consultants, and training topics are selected in part based on industry needs identified by Aarcher Talent.