Why Aarcher Institute

Aarcher Institute offers one of a kind Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) training taught by highly-credentialed industry experts with 20+ years of experience developing compliance solutions.

One of a Kind Environmental Training Courses

Our courses are unique, proprietary and cannot be found elsewhere. We own our course materials, so we can maintain consistency in the content our instructors present. We are able to control flow and presentation in a uniquely cohesive and structured manner. We are proud of our trademarked course materials and make it a priority to keep them updated and of high quality.

We also have created facility video tours which are used in several of our classes to offer a glimpse into a real life regulated facility and create a unique training experience. 

We have permission to use thousands of facility compliance images in our training courses. These images provide students with a unique perspective, connecting context, regulatory and technical details to actual unpolished, challenging conditions.

Instructional Team of Industry Experts

We believe the best instructors are those that routinely work in industrial and commercial facilities solving real-world problems and developing compliance solutions.

Each of our instructors have 20+ years of experience and are well credentialed. We routinely evaluate performance and effectiveness and make changes where new perspective or more relevant experience is required. Our training materials, techniques, and instructors are guided by an Ed.D., SHRM-SCP senior instructional designer.

As a leading environmental training organization, we remain devoted to excellence in learning and teaching and the quality of our courses. Our instructors’ background speak for themselves and our two-decade commitment as an organization is well established.

Distance Learning Opportunities

Today’s busy work environments require a more flexible learning experience. That is why Aarcher’s courses are uniquely designed so busy professionals can ‘virtual attend’ training online without having to travel.

Unlike recorded video training, which (despite progress being made in delivery methods) is unavoidably scripted and non-interactive, our online training allows students to virtually attend live training online and participate the same as in-person colleagues. As a virtual attendee, students view a streaming broadcast of the instructor and ask him/her questions by phone or by typing them into the online system.


Custom Private Training with Outstanding ROI

Some organizations have more than one employee who would benefit from environmental training. Others combine core regulatory or technical training with instructions on internal plans, procedures, policies or operations. Others need training that addresses state requirements.

Aarcher Institute is able to address all these needs. As a national leader in private training, we offer onsite private classes, online streaming video classes (with participant involvement), or customized self-paced training.

If you have a team – in one location or spread across the globe – who would benefit from training on a particular topic(s), contact us to discuss the possibilities!