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Course Catalog

Tanks Compliance Manager™

Valuable course for those responsible for purchasing, installing, or managing underground and aboveground storage tanks, including tanks storing oils, fuel, chemicals, or other hazardous substances. This 2-day course offers a close look at all the requirements relating to these tank systems along with compliance tips and strategies. Click here for more.

Industrial Stormwater Compliance Manager™

Ideal for those responsible for managing stormwater permitting or implementing a stormwater pollution prevention (SWPP) plan. This 2-day course is a blend of presentations, exercises, and open discussion to keep the instruction interesting and enjoyable. Click here for more.

SPCC Compliance Manager™

Perfect for those responsible for developing SPCC plans, managing SPCC compliance programs, or evaluating SPCC compliance. This 2-day course includes focused training, group discussions, class exercises, and compliance tips and strategies. Click here for more.

NEPA Navigator™

Developed and improved for many years, this 3-day course is a blend of presentations and exercises that prepare you to lead or participate in NEPA analyses and compliant document preparation. Click here for more.

Hazardous Waste Compliance Manager™

Everything you need to know about hazardous waste identification, accumulation, transportation, and disposal. This course is an excellent option for annual hazardous waste training and allows you to attend just those parts of the course you want. Click here for more.

EPCRA Planning and Reporting Manager™

Learn how to correctly calculate and report under each section of EPCRA. This 2-day course includes presentations, exercises, open discussion, and compliance strategies to ensure you are ready for each of these reporting requirements. Click here for more.

Applied Chemistry for EHS Professionals™

Practical environmental chemistry training focused on helping EHS professionals succeed! Improved compliance, safety, analysis, problem solving, and decision-making, This important 3-day course is perfect for managers, scientists, engineers, technicians, and more. Click here for more.

Wastewater Compliance Manager™

A structured and focused study of the details of wastewater discharge permitting and compliance. This 2-day course is ideal for those responsible for permit applications and implementation, and includes a variety of compliance tips and strategies. Click here for more.

Clean Air Compliance Manager™

Learn the concepts, requirements, and compliance strategies of air emissions regulations. This 3-day course moves from the legal context and regulatory structure to the critical details and compliance strategies permit managers and environmental professionals need to understand. Click here for more.

Auditing for Environmental Compliance™

This 2-day course prepares attendees to perform audits and develop effective compliance audit programs in accordance with proven industry standard practices. Click here for more.

The Original Environmental Compliance Bootcamp™

Aarcher Institute’s most popular course since 2005, due to its proven value to both those new to the environmental field and experienced professionals who want new perspective on the full range of environmental compliance requirements. Click here for more.