Now is that time of the year — annual performance reviews! The global pandemic has made some significant changes to the workplace in 2020. It’s likely that your performance review will be conducted remotely. Checking in with your supervisor during your performance evaluation is particularly important this year to make sure you’re on the same page in this new work environment.

Ensure your review goes smoothly by following these best practices:

1. Be prepared. Before your review, take the time to look over your job description, responsibilities, and goals. Determine what went well over the year and the areas in which you could improve. Draft your goals for 2021 and bring them to your performance review to discuss with your supervisor to show that you’re committed to starting the new year off on a positive note.

2. Bring examples of your accomplishments and positive performance. Determine what achievements you’ve had over the course of the year and come to the review prepared to share those with your supervisor. This will also help you make your case for a raise or promotion if your organization is offering them.

3. Ask for clarification. It’s critical that you understand the job and performance expectations that your manager has for you. Your performance review is a good time to ask questions to determine the information you need to do your job well and meet your goals.

4. Consider attending an EHS training course in the upcoming year. Registering for a course is a great way to demonstrate that you’re committed to your job and strengthening your skills. Use your performance evaluation as a time to discuss your professional EHS development with your supervisor and map out the training you plan to do in 2021.

Aarcher Institute offers live, instructor-led online regulatory and compliance training courses for EHS professionals. Our virtual courses emulate the benefits of attending an in-person training course. Unlike scripted and recorded online training, Aarcher Institute’s courses are presented in real time. Attendees view a streaming image of the instructor, follow a clear image of the slides as they are presented, and can ask the instructor questions.

Our 2021 course schedule is now available. To view the schedule, CLICK HERE.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made significant changes to the workplace and job landscape. That’s why checking in with your supervisor during your annual performance review is especially critical this year. Use these tips to ace your EHS performance review and set yourself up for job success in 2021.