Prevent EHS Compliance Issues with Regular Training

As an EHS professional, you are responsible for ensuring compliance with an array of state and federal regulations. You might be operating as part of a team, under the direction of a compliance expert, or all alone. In any case, periodically stepping away from daily tasks to review, think about, and discuss requirements can prevent errors and omissions.

While you might get some training through your job, guidance from supervisors or peers, or learning through self-study, it’s often just not enough to navigate these constantly changing laws.

Misunderstanding or failing to manage environmental, health, and safety requirements can negatively affect your company, professional development, and market value. Impacts to your company can include:

  • Poor communication among team members: When workers don’t fully understand regulations, they are unable to communicate effectively, which negatively impacts collaboration and productivity.  
  • Safety hazards: If you don’t understand compliance and regulatory rules, it’s likely that you’re not following critical safety protocols. This puts team members at greater risk of making safety errors and being involved in accidents.
  • Penalties and fines: If EPA, OSHA, or a state regulatory agency can perform unannounced inspections and impose heavy fines for noncompliance.

At Aarcher Institute, we offer a variety of regulatory and compliance training courses to help you stay on top of ever-changing regulations. You will leave our courses well-qualified to lead and implement compliance programs for your organization and share your knowledge with co-workers. Your understanding of the material will help prevent enforcement actions, accidental releases, and other problems.

Our instructors are highly qualified, practicing EHS professionals and compliance experts, so you’re learning from someone who has managed compliance programs for decades and directed boots-on-the-ground compliance. We select our instructors based on their regulatory knowledge, relevant perspectives, professionalism, and demonstrated training ability.

Our live, instructor-led training covers a wide variety of EHS topics, including SPCC compliance, auditing for environmental compliance, hazardous waste compliance, and applied chemistry for EHS professionals. Click here to view our current course offerings. We offer both in-person and virtual courses to accommodate your preferred learning style. We can even present courses privately to a group of co-workers.

We hope to see you in a class sometime soon!