5 Tips to Keep Your EHS Job Skills CurrentKeeping your EHS skills up to date throughout the year is crucial to your job and career. However, it can be difficult to find the time to strengthen your competence when you’re busy with so many other responsibilities at work. Implement these tips to keep your job skills and knowledge current:

1. Attend an in-person training course. Taking part in an in-person regulatory or compliance course helps you gain the tools you need to lead your company in your areas of expertise, maintain safety, and accomplish your goals. Some courses even include a certification or license. This enables you to diversify your skills and make them more relevant to the emerging challenges in the EHS field. Attending an in-person training class is a great way to update your knowledge and skills in just a few days. It also allows you to get out of the office and potentially explore a new city. Aarcher Institute offers several courses in a variety of U.S. locations to help you strengthen your EHS abilities. See our upcoming courses.

2. Attend an online course. Online classes help you engage in training without having to leave the office. These courses are helpful for busy EHS professionals who require a more flexible learning experience. Aarcher Institute offers live, instructor-led online training courses in addition to their in-person courses. See our upcoming online courses.

3. Join an association. When you become a member of an association, such as the Alliance of Hazardous Materials Professionals (AHMP) or the National Safety Council (NSC), you typically gain access to resources for training and development, in addition to networking opportunities to connect with others in your industry. Some associations even provide certifications or credentials to help you do your job better and stay in compliance. 

4. Build your network. Expanding your network of EHS professionals can provide you with a place to ask for job advice and bounce ideas off of your colleagues. LinkedIn is an excellent tool to help you grow your connections and network with others in the field, as well as get access to training resources that industry experts are sharing.

5. Attend a conference. Attending an EHS event will enable you to learn the most up-to-date compliance and regulatory information that you need to excel in your job. Conferences have numerous skill-building training opportunities, as well as allow you to network with many people in the EHS industry. 

Not only does keeping your skills up to date benefit your job performance, but it also increases your chances of getting a promotion and pay raise. Many organizations are willing to pay for their employees’ training, so consider asking your supervisor if you can attend a course or conference to help you advance your skills.