The regulatory landscape faced today by environmental health and safety professionals is more complex — and volatile — than ever. That’s why EHS professionals make it a priority to attend training courses throughout their careers.

Based on an industry survey recently conducted by Aarcher Institute, more than 50 percent of environmental professionals have attended a regulatory or compliance training course in the past. In such a rapidly changing field with such high stakes, it should come as little surprise that both environmental professionals and the companies that employ them have recognized the critical importance of regularly attending third-party training sessions.

Percentage of EHS Professionals Who Have Attended a Training Course

The Top Benefits of Attending an Environmental Training Course

  • Keep your skills up to date. As an EHS professional, it’s essential that you’re continuously learning and strengthening your skills in the areas that you need to do your job effectively. Regulatory and compliance training courses give you the tools you need to lead your organization in your areas of expertise, maintain safety and meet your organization’s goals.
  • Stay in compliance. In 2016, 93 individuals were incarcerated for knowing or negligent environmental violations. It’s vital to ensure your organization is in compliance with the complex and sometimes confusing regulations. There’s no better way to stay up to date with these laws that you deal with in your job than by attending training courses throughout the year.
  • Earn certifications. One of the best ways to advance your career is by obtaining certifications for expertise in specific industry areas. Regulatory and compliance training courses give you the knowledge you need to earn the certification, excel in your industry and potentially get a promotion.
  • Have your questions answered by instructors. When you attend a training course, the instructor can be a tremendous resource to help you uncover the answers to your questions on specific environmental regulations. Take advantage of the opportunity to ask your instructor questions and participate throughout the course to make the most of your learning experience.

A culture of training is alive and well in the environmental compliance industry. In an industry dominated by a harsh regulatory landscape, third-party training is proving critical to the success of environmental professionals and the companies that employ them. As an EHS professional, it’s vital that you attend training throughout the year to keep your skills up to date and stay in compliance with the complex laws that you face every day.