Online Environmental Training

Aarcher Institute offers live, instructor-lead online environment training courses for busy EHS professionals that require a more flexible learning experience.

We believe that attending training courses is the most effective training. Live training provides an opportunity to truly focus on a topic, experience unscripted presentations of information by practicing experts, and hear the questions and comments of colleagues. However, participating in live training typically involves travel. The Aarcher Institute has developed a method for those unable to attend our courses to participate remotely.

Our intention for this “virtual attendance” option is to emulate, as closely as possible, the benefits of attending a live course. Registrants are invited to participate in selected course offerings, through Internet and phone connection. Unlike scripted and recorded, online training, virtual attendees participate alongside in-person colleagues following the same schedule as the live course. Virtual attendee students receive the same course materials delivered by FedEx in advance, follow a clear image of slides as they are presented, and view a streaming image of the instructor and classroom. Virtual attendees can ask questions either by phone or by typing questions into the online system. Please login to to ensure you are able to access virtual training.

The Virtual Attendance option described below is intended for individual registrants and is subject to the Aarcher Institute Terms and Conditions. If you have a group that would like to participate remotely, contact the Aarcher Institute for registration and licensing procedures.

NOTICE: Registration for virtual attendance CLOSES 5 days before the course begins. This is necessary to allow for printing and shipping of your course materials.

IMPORTANT: Aarcher Institute courses were developed for a live, in-person audience. We have done our best to enhance the value to virtual attendees, but please be aware that some courses contain elements (such as certain class exercises) that are not available to virtual attendee students. Any class components that are NOT available to virtual attendance students are noted on the course description page on this website, under the tab labeled “Agenda.” If you are considering participating as a virtual attendance student, please feel free to give us a call with any questions.

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